How can your small business reduce its carbon footprint?

For many businesses, being more eco-friendly has become a dual pronged attack in combating local environmental issues as well as a strongly developed strategic plan for the future of its trade. With more consumers being aware of the environmental impact that all business has on the local and national scale, it’s no wonder that businesses are getting smart.

Small business is not immune to these threats either. From showing that you care for your local area to reducing costs, being environmentally friendly and reducing your carbon footprint can have significant benefits.

So what are the best ways to reduce your carbon footprint if you’re a small business? Here are some ideas.

Switch on Power Save mode

From appliances to computers, power save mode can help reduce your energy bill by up to 30%. Especially handy for offices full of computers and printers!

Laptops for desktops

On the subject of computers, have you considered swapping the later for a laptop? They are up to 80% more efficient which is significant when you start to do the maths.

Go for rechargeable batteries

Disposable batteries are not only wasteful, but they fill the ground with horrible chemicals after discharging over a period of years. Switching to rechargeables can help a business reduce the everlasting carbon footprint on these power devices.

Install water savers

From simple things like tap reduction units to water flow installation devices, water technologies can help businesses save hundreds in a short space of time as well as save a lot of water.

Install a garden/allotment

For many businesses this is just not possible, but a small space of land can do a lot to help your small business reduce its carbon footprint. Planting vegetables and growing produce helps improve air quality by filtering harmful pollutants from the atmosphere but … Read More


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Tips for Starting a Nonprofit Organization

If you are interested in giving back to your community and helping individuals who are in need, starting a nonprofit organization may be just the right thing to help you reach these goals. It is going to take effort and determination on your part to establish a nonprofit organization, but you will likely find the experience to be rewarding. Here are some tips that can help you.

You’re going to need to spend a lot of time doing research. Your research will cover many different areas related to how nonprofits work, the specific area of work your nonprofit will be dedicated to, and much more. You will need to conduct a needs analysis. Are there other organizations that are already doing the same type of work in your community? It is better to add to existing services as opposed to duplicating them.

It is good to sit back and think about if a nonprofit is really the right option for you. You will need to meet requirements that the IRS has set out for nonprofit organizations. Some have the mistaken idea that they will start a nonprofit, receive grants, and then have money to pay themselves a salary. The truth is that most new nonprofits are not eligible to get grants for a significant amount of time.

If you decide that a nonprofit is for you, be careful about the workload you take on. You can easily get overwhelmed when trying to do every job on your own. Do not become like a small business owner who wants to save money and makes all their own business cards, designs their own website, does their accounting, and then goes out and gets paid to do construction jobs. Get help when possible. For example, use intacct fund accounting to help with your … Read More


Four Ways to Organize Both Your Home and Your Life

If you’ve ever observed the behaviors of friends and loved ones, you’d know that most people are happier and healthier when they feel that their lives are well-put together. This includes organization of home and life in general. Ergo, the following article covers four ways you can achieve a better organized life and home, leading to a happier you overall.

Write Things Down on a Wall Calendar and Check it Often

Sure, you can carry a little calendar in your smartphone wherever you go, but wall calendars are effective, old-school ways of remembering what you have to do and when. Put it somewhere you will see it every day and make it a fun organizer that you are sure to check and add to often. Use post-it notes, colorful pens and markers, and symbols for events, occasions, and everyday stuff to remember throughout the month.

Note: If speaking is more your style, save your to-do lists on digital transcription equipment, like portable recorders that you can keep where you would place a calendar.

Bins, Totes, and Shelves are Serious Space Savers

Your home is where your heart is—so the saying goes, but it’s also where you can relax and feel at peace with your comfortable, tidy surroundings. Organize your must-haves into bins, totes, and onto shelves to save some space, but still be able to look through your home essentials.

Go for Minimalism Where You Can—Recycle, Reuse, Reduce, Declutter

Bins, totes, and shelves might be awesome space savers, but so is a minimalistic lifestyle. Recycle what you can, reuse what you want, reduce what you don’t want, and declutter with an unload onto Goodwill, The Salvation Army, or the garbage can. Minimal means simpler, cleaner, and easier to organize in the future.

Tip: Avoid buying stuff you know will … Read More


Mistakes Lawyers Make After The Decision To Hire An Expert Witness

Many cases these days are won because of the help from an expert witness. The right one can make or break your case and solidify your testimonies. However, the task of selecting the right expert witness for your client’s case is not always the easiest one. There are a few mistakes that some lawyers make when looking for one to hire. It is best to take your time hiring a witness for expert testimony on cases about anything from custody battles to pass loan help. There are many reputable expert witnesses to hire, such as the one found at mrichardsconsulting.com.

Waiting Too Long

One big mistake that many attorneys make after deciding they need an expert witness is waiting too long to find one. The best ones have to be found with enough time in advance before the start of a trial. Even when you hire the best expert witness for your case, hiring them too late in the process won’t allow them the proper amount of time to prepare for the testimony they will make.

Withholding Information

Another key mistake attorneys make with their expert witnesses is keeping some pertinent information from them. While most lawyers work hard to protect the interests of their clients and want to protect their privacy at all costs, it is essential to give your expert witness all necessary information about the case so they can formulate the best testimony possible for your trial. Expert witnesses’ careers revolve around being credible. If an attorney withholds pertinent information from them, the opposing side may bring it up during court proceedings that could ruin your case for your client.

As you can see, there are many ways in which a lawyer could hire an expert witness and then ruin the chances of their testimony being valuable … Read More