If you’ve ever observed the behaviors of friends and loved ones, you’d know that most people are happier and healthier when they feel that their lives are well-put together. This includes organization of home and life in general. Ergo, the following article covers four ways you can achieve a better organized life and home, leading to a happier you overall.

Write Things Down on a Wall Calendar and Check it Often

Sure, you can carry a little calendar in your smartphone wherever you go, but wall calendars are effective, old-school ways of remembering what you have to do and when. Put it somewhere you will see it every day and make it a fun organizer that you are sure to check and add to often. Use post-it notes, colorful pens and markers, and symbols for events, occasions, and everyday stuff to remember throughout the month.

Note: If speaking is more your style, save your to-do lists on digital transcription equipment, like portable recorders that you can keep where you would place a calendar.

Bins, Totes, and Shelves are Serious Space Savers

Your home is where your heart is—so the saying goes, but it’s also where you can relax and feel at peace with your comfortable, tidy surroundings. Organize your must-haves into bins, totes, and onto shelves to save some space, but still be able to look through your home essentials.

Go for Minimalism Where You Can—Recycle, Reuse, Reduce, Declutter

Bins, totes, and shelves might be awesome space savers, but so is a minimalistic lifestyle. Recycle what you can, reuse what you want, reduce what you don’t want, and declutter with an unload onto Goodwill, The Salvation Army, or the garbage can. Minimal means simpler, cleaner, and easier to organize in the future.

Tip: Avoid buying stuff you know will gather dust in your home. Ixnay unnecessary trinkets because no one needs a cabinet filled with little glass plates or nonsense ornaments.

Choose Comfortable Before Aesthetics

Never sacrifice your comfort simply because something looks good. For instance, if you have the option between an upscale, super-expensive chaise lounge, and a cushy, comfy sofa with well-worn, deep pillows—opt for comfort first. Expense might be fine for first impressions, but comfort will carry you and your guests to relaxation.