How Immigrants Can be Helped by Immigration Bonds

Immigration bonds are surely not talked about regularly when it comes to bail bonds. When you aren’t an immigrant, then you won’t need this kind of specialized bond nor you will need a bail bond agency which actually specializes in the immigration. When you are actually a natural citizen, then there is actually no need for these services of the Immigration and Naturalization Service or such INS to help bail you from such situation.

Immigration bonds are issued by the Department of Immigration and Naturalization Service to bail bond agents who are actually licensed and specialized to bond such US immigrants. This is not any type of license. This is one which is specially provided by the INS for the bail agency which knows those inner workings and also the risks which are actually associated with the immigrants. There have also been studies showing that the immigrants from certain countries are actually more likely to run and they force that bail enforcement agent to actually track them down.

There are two ways that the bond would be posted. The first is the cash bond in which the immigrants are going to put up the entire amount of money. Another is by the bail agency which will ensure the bond but this would require a percentage of the bond to be a fee.

When it is determined that there is such higher risk of running, then the bond will be bigger and also a higher percentage is also asked. When the immigrant promises to appear to court on the day scheduled, then issues can be prevented.

However, there is one thing which needs attention when you are dealing with the INS. With just the reason that the immigrant got arrested is not enough for that person to be deported right away to one’s home country. This will have to depend on the crime’s degree and if one is in the US legally.

There is a lot higher chance that when they are in the country illegally, they would be deported back to where they came from. Just the same with the American citizens, such immigrants are actually considered innocent until proven otherwise.

Since the immigration bonds are a specialized form of bond, then it would take a person who is quite familiar with the laws of such Immigration and Naturalization Service to write a bond. Also, the INS may point that immigrant to the agencies and also the attorneys who are quite familiar with such laws and who may also help them when they actually find themselves to be in trouble with the law.

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